Stream Currency:

Stream currency can be used to enter giveaways, play chat games, use on jump scare SFX, or to redeem various prizes! You can earn stream currency by doing the following:

  • 50 currency for following the channel
  • 500 or more currency for subscribing
  • 5 currency for every 10 minutes that you watch the stream
  • Additional 5 currency for actively chatting during the stream
  • Play games like !slots, !heists, and !risk in chat to gamble your currency

Chat Games:

  • !risk - 50/50 chance of winning or losing currency
  • !heist [amount] - take your chance on a heist with other viewers
  • !slots - spin the slot wheel and see if you are a big winner. High risk, high reward

Stream SFX (costs 100 currency): 

  • !nooo - Darth Vader is displeased
  • !ohmy - Is that you George Takei?
  • !far - PUBG gunshots coming from far away
  • !near - Similar to far but with more butt clench
  • !knock - Hello?
  • !scream - Why do I do this to myself?